Last Chance Soup


Lately soup seems to be the thing I crave the most. I am certain it is a psychological embrace to make up for all these hard-hitting losses of life (speak nothing of the global losses due to the constant “warring nature” of mankind.

I call this “Last Chance Soup” because it includes whatever leftovers are still in the fridge.

Then you throw in spices and whatever soup bases like bouillon, chopped up veggies etc. & water to create a belly hug like my great, grandmother used to make when I was a little girl. You’d eat this incredible soup and realize that some of the bits were recognized from earlier meals of the week. Campbell’s soup could never achieve this because it take seasonings of so many different dishes to create it. I suspect I have never made a soup that has been replicated exactly; it’s just too easy to thrown in last slices of tomatoes or the last frozen veggies (or even lettuce) from the cooler that isn’t enough to make a salad or side meal.

Anyone can make Last Chance soup. It reminds me of the children’s story

about Stone Soup I know there are people who like to make “everything but the kitchen sink” soup, but it never sounded too appetizing to me, so I just could never use it. I used to call it leftover soup, but it didn’t have to have leftovers, sometimes it was just taking care of “little bits” leftover in the freezer. I have even used a frozen burrito, or a single fish filet. Even things you can’t imagine putting together get melded into the soup and add to the tasty layers you can’t always put your finger on…but you can put in your belly (smile!). The past 21 months have culminated in a very cold, soupy and sleepy November for me. Even though I have a big-butt turkey in the freezer, my desire to cook a big meal has disappeared with news of my step-mom’s death 2 days ago. Thanksgiving will probably turn into a peanut butter & Jelly Sandwich or a box of mac-n-cheese/frozen pizza…something that takes little to no time or thought. I definitely don’t want to think too much of family or the day would be spent crying instead of watching games or monster movies. Monster movies…now that’s a good way to get your mind off the sorrow and onto salvation (at least for a Mad Chef-Tist like me.)

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