Commercial Fun & Humor

Psychologically Commercials give us a time to catch our breath and for advertiser to cram useless trinkets into our psyche! Still, they can be entertaining or worthy on some other level. As one who is not influenced by advertisement, these just look like little movies that have a few seconds to get my attention, and the best ones do. The only thing that used to influence me were new food choices when I frequented fast food joints and restaurants in the past. Now since I appreciate my creative cooking experiments (See Mad Chef-tist), food commercials don’t even cause me to look up. My dog Pepper Watches TV more than anyone in the house and the DVR saves me the time. These days the TV is on pause for hours (like now) as I work on research. However there are the far and few between saturdays where I can steal time to veg with TV. That’s when I catch the occasional commercial that makes me rewind to check it out. for example the Sock Monkey commercial above. The music is great, perfectly timed and it indicates the brilliance of autonomy. The toys do not live for their humans, they have a rich life regardless, even if it is the mind of an advertiser. This is good stuff! So when you get a free moment take a “2nd Worthy Look”

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